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Cinemagraph – First Attempt

Here my first attempt to make a cinemagraph, a mix of still photography and film, here with Tifa de Leone painting her red lips in an open car. Dela på facebook


GirlieCamps Surfweek at Biarritz/Bidart

One of the best workweeks I ever had was with GirlieCamps at Bidart on the Atlantic coast close to Biarritz. Great girls from all over Europe, beautiful waves and excellent surfing instructors, yoga and of course the French food made this week the perfect active […]

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Peggy and Mike

Yesterday was shoot for Peggy and Mike, one of the absolute most laughing couples I have ever met – and me behind the camera trying to hold it still enough to take the shots of these great people I går fotograferade jag Peggy och Mike, […]