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Teufelsberg Berlin

A huge pile in the outskirts of former West Berlin, consisting of the ashes, crushed buildings and rubble after WW2 bombings. What place could be better suited for the Western Alliance listening station, like a huge ear gathering the smallest sound elevating behind the Iron […]



This is a place of pure evil. I am glad I have been there, but when I left I felt my feet and legs getting lighter for every step. Here some images from the horrific Koncentrazioncamp Sachsenhausen outside of Berlin. Images from the entrance, the […]

Los Angeles River

Los Angeles Shapes and Structures

The people, the ocean, the light – but also the shapes, structures and silhouettes of this great and bustling place. Here some images from Hollywood and Downtown LA of Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Million Dollar Hotel aka Rosslyn Hotel, Getty Center and the speeding […]

resefotograf cuba-1037

Cuba Libre – Roundtrip

Cuba – the mixture of sugar and tobacco fields, the oh-so-european-like city of Havanna, the art deco buildings, sticky Havanna Club  rum-factories and the clear caribbean ocean. The salsa, the music, the guitar at the Malecon, the amazing cuban people and the fantastic cars. Cuba […]

urban decay

Spreepark, Berlin

Shots from visit at the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin, overgrown since ten years. Scary and fantastic at the same time, creepy and hilaorius. Dela på facebook


Habana, Cuba

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Hagaparken is one of Stockholms most beautiful parks, huge old trees, partly surrounded by water. And not least the wonderful coloured buildings built by King Gustav III, responsibe for a huge of the cultural heritage in Sweden. Seeing the colours at this time of year […]



Prora – built for vacation purposes by Hitler, never really finished, used for prisoners of war and later as a military training camp by the DDR. The buildings streches forver close to the most beautiful baltic beaches. Almost everything is abandoned at it is astonishing […]